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About Me

Welcome! I have been involved in public safety since I was basically born. My entire family is involved in volunteering. The love of helping others has passed through many generations and I am here to continue that love. My biggest attribute is being an entrepreneur and being a leader. I have been in law enforcement since 2006 and volunteering since 2000 with my local fire department and hold an officer position with the local search and rescue team. 


I started 911 Rapid Response in 2006 and have since added Mark.It Graphics, 911 Just Box.It and Vengeant Apparatus.  We are the only company like it in the world that truly offers everything we do under one roof. I currently employee 35+ people and growing everyday. 


What is "You Start U"?

Consider it like a "kick start" for yourself. If you don't take initiative to be successful, success will never take initiative to find you.


 Today's world it surely is different from back in 2000 when I first interviewed. I think of when I went for my first interview and how different that was verses now. A lot actually, employers expect more from applicants because people (customers) expect more from the employee.

Our youth today is challenged with many factors when trying to find a career that will fit them. Perhaps college wasn't their thing, it surely was not mine. But even with college you still need to interview, you are not guaranteed to graduate just be handed a job. 

This is the opportunity for youth to come to my business. Be interviewed with basic questions and learn what an interview feels like. In return after the interview, be critiqued, of course respectfully. 

Youth trying to get into the working field will face challenges perhaps I never had too. This project is to help and give back and make our youth strive, exactly what the Sallada name is about. 

This program is to mainly focus on youth it will not ignore those in or looking to start up or have their own business. Seminars with topics like, "Building Customers" "Product Choices" "How To Set Up" "Policy's" "Dealing With Employees" are just a few topics that will be a one hour course. 


How Does It Work?

It is really easy actually. First off it cost as free as free can get. 

Age limitations are minimal 14 and maximum 21 for our Youth interview program. If you are under the age of 18 a guardian will fill out a quick form, otherwise you will and we will send an email or call you with a time for your interview. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or the guardian are always welcome to sit in during the interview, but it's not needed. For a comfort factor we will always have two people sit in during the interview. Myself and and a female employee of mine. It could even possibly be mom, that's my mom of course. 

Each interview involves a business tour and a sit down interview that will last about 30 minutes including the after review. If the guardian did not sit in on the original interview we will have them sit in on the review.   

If you are currently employed or currently seeking work you can still be involved with this program. 

Our Entrepreneurship folks will have the opportunity to listen and learn in one hour seminars about certain topics. These will be limited to 10 people each. You must have a clear set idea on what business you want to start or already own a business. 

I am not a professional with a degree for this exact idea. However I have interviewed hundreds, hire and unfortunately fired some too, wrote dozens of policy's and been involved in many expansions and designs. I would be more than happy to pass some knowledge on.  


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Current Status - Accepting Seats 

January 26th 7Pm @911 Rapid Response

Basic business start up & If you have a business are all your documents inline.

We will go over taxes, logo usage, protecting logos, protecting your brand, proper reporting, EIN set ups and more. 


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